Festival focused around food = Dreams do come true!

Fellow foodies if your yet to experience a foodies festival, then please re-evaluate the next time you wish to post your instagram photo with #foodie …I’m joking! In all seriousness if you have the opportunity to visit the festival which pops up around the UK then I recommend grabbing a friend and going to get your grub on.

Joined by Matt we spent the day in the sunshine tasting different dishes and also checking out what was on offer if you was following a particular diet. To kick start us off we went to Greek Soulvaki, the name of the business might be basic but the food was far from that, on offer was a selection of meats, halloumi, grilled vegetables and a delicious Greek salad! All the meat was prepared on a BBQ in front of you and because it was on skewers this made it easier to handle when wrapping it up. The meat was accompanied with a yogurt dip and salad in a warmed doughy pitta, we decided on a lamb Soulvaki with a helping of halloumi and fuck me, the meat was cooked to perfection, tender and juicy the yogurt was refreshing and the pita was soft. The only criticism i had was the halloumi because it was missing the love of a squeeze of lemon, drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of parsley… but in a fast paced food setting this is understandable. So for anyone who was on a lower carb intake you could simply enjoy the meat on the skewer with a helping of Greek salad. Vegetarians could opt for halloumi and vegans had the option of mixed grilled vegetables minus the yogurt, overall this dish was a win and did I mention the staff serving were Greek too.


Next up for our tastebuds, Flamin Rooster a god send for carnivores and a hell hole for veggies! Meat, on meat, on meat and it was just that because they had ran out of slaw’ and we had the fries boxed separately for our pork belly box. The glazing was sticky, sweet and sugar-coated naughtiness so perhaps the no slaw’ was a blessing in disguise and the meat had that perfectly crisp skin but a bit to much fat for my liking and anyone following a diet perhaps opting for a leaner meat would be ideal however you can’t deny the naughtiness in that glaze. The overall rating from us is standard, it wasn’t spectacular and might have just blown up your macros with the sauce alone.

Next on the menu was Picotea, serving gluten free Spanish paella! Or as the menu quoted “Bi-ella!” Which was the best of both seafood and chicken, unfortunately for vegetarians they had no options on the menu other than a meat or fish paella but good news for us though we timed the dining for this one perfectly because they had just cooked a fresh batch of the seafood which was squid, mussels and prawns amongst the rice, green beans, piquillo peppers and seasonings. The seafood dish was flavoursome, very tasteful and wasn’t too heavy on the stomach. A big wedge of lemon brought out all the flavours however the only downside to this dish was the lack of prawns, unless it was Matt who had devoured them all before me or Picotea was a little tight on the serving but overall if your diet isn’t scarce of carbs then Picotea would be a good option and especially if you love fragrant flavours and perfectly cooked rice!

As you can imagine, 3 dishes in we was feeling satisfied with our savoury dishes and so we saved a spot for a sweet (and yes naughty as fuck) dessert!

My top tips for enjoying your visit to a foodies festival are:

  • Make sure your friend is a serious foodie like you! Sharing dishes is a good way to try a variety of the food stalls.
  • Don’t fill up before you go, this is a slight no brainer but be prepared for ques. So if you cant control your hangry self perhaps have a snack prior.
  • Wander around and browse the menus instead of going to the first stall you come across.
  • Take a bottle of water and stay hydrated, especially if your lucky like us and the weather works in your favour.

This basically sums up our day at Foodies festival and the savoury dishes we enjoyed. Now go check out when the next event is and experience it for yourself!

DSC_0070foodie edited 3

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