Detoxify your beauty regime!

Being the health conscious nerd I am it only feels right to be just as conscious as to what Im lathering on my face and body. After-all if you check the back of the huge majority of shop bought products your likely going to struggle to pronounce 9/10 ingredients and the 1/10 you can pronounce is water. So a while ago I decided I would start taking better care of my skin (which is our largest organ) and do some research into how I can make my own hygiene products for in the shower and also a daily facial wash that will gently cleanse and nourish instead of stripping my skin with damaging chemicals. Of course it is totally possible to pick-up natural and handmade beauty products particularly from local markets, but thats just not my style! I like to get stuck in with the creative part which is more fun for me than just buying the product.
My research brings us to the key ingredient for making the body or face wash hygienic, that is castile soap which is made from only vegetable based ingredients and is bio-degradable which the environment benefits from too. You can purchase pure castile soap from as little as £4.99 from amazon I personally use the naissance organic certified because it is just pure castile soap and hasn’t already been combined with more vegetable oils, I tend to find the pure has a better consistency for mixing with other ingredients but I suppose if you wanted to keep it really simple then opt for a lesser concentrated bottle of castile soap such as this amazon buy. The next staple ingredient in my handmade beauty products is the mother-fucking holy coconut oil and those two alone are the key ingredients to form the foundation of a facial or body wash.
But why stop there? I then introduce essential oils, its an amazing way to help nourish your skin further and leave you smelling like a goddess bathed in gold! Now when buying essential oils be sure your not buying the crap stuff, so B&M bargains is not an option here, its worth investing in the 100% natural therapeutic grade and for the price it goes a long way and the higher grade smells much more divine. I recently smelt a cheap lavender oil from B&M Bargains and nearly barfed! I cannot describe the strong smell other than toxic, so treat yourself and invest in quality I pick up my essential oils from amazon and have been satisfied with ArtNaturals.
As for the choice of oils you can decide to use whichever takes your fancy, personally I have been using a combination for fragrance and beauty benefits, such as tea tree in my facial blend for its antiseptic abilities. My current favourite for its sweet, up-lifting scent is lemongrass which instantly gives me a “wake the fuck up” feel and it has skin healing properties. I combine lemongrass with carrot oil but be warned, carrot oil has not got a delightful scent quite frankly its musky and not appealing but this addition has a high vitamin and antioxidant content so because of the smell I use the carrot oil sparingly in combination with lemongrass so I don’t notice the smell of the carrot oil, but remember the choice of which oils you include is entirely up to you and so many others have beautifying benefits. So perhaps do a little research yourself into essential oils and personalise it around your current preference in smell and if you have a particular skin type it would be worth investing some time into what compliments your current condition.

Now for the fun part I use equal measures of the liquidated coconut oil to castile soap and normally mix up a big batch in one go. The following measurements are for a 500ml bottle:

  • 225ml of castile soap
  • 225ml of liquidated coconut oil
  • 50ml honey
  • 30 drops of lemongrass
  • 10 drops of carrot oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree (I only add this into my facial wash)

Now Gently (and I mean no whisking here!) combine all of the ingredients, you don’t want to create a load of bubbles in your wash so save the bubbles for when your lathering. Then bottle it up, I use a recycled glass olive oil bottle partially because it was simply to beautiful to dispose of and also the opening is just right for when Im pouring out a handful in the shower and the lid is convenient to pop back on so no spillages. A handful goes a long way too, I lather it up and scrub with a body puff but not on my face I just gently massage into my face in circular motions then rinse off.

This gentle but hygienic combination of natural products does the job whilst being kind to your skin, not only do you benefit from chucking out the shop bought chemical washes but so does the environment. All the ingredients above are bio-degradable whereas for example facial washes with micro beads deposit into our oceans and marine life suffer, so don’t be a bitch and contribute towards being eco-friendly!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as i’ve loved sharing this with you and I would adore seeing what body washes you create or if you try a different combination of oils. You can comment here or tag me on my social media channels to grab my attention and please share this post, I want to inspire others to detox their body products with this quite simple and easy alternative.

T’chau for now! X.

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