Making memories in Madrid

“Churros, siestas, historic monuments and chic city vibes”

Want all of the above? Then I suggest booking a flight to Madrid. I recently enjoyed a short stay in this magnificent city which wasn’t short of spectacular! The city’s public transport is convenient and makes it easy to navigate within the city without the need of hiring a car and its also purse-friendly, so you can save those euros for sampling some delicious dishes the city has to offer and first up on my palate was churros! {Heart-eyed emoji} from Madrid’s infamous Chocolateria San Gines located in a quaint passageway along with a small book stall close to San Gines church. This hot-spot is known for its delicious churros and has people queing to be seated, however if your happy to grab-and-go then you can get yours almost instantly. Accompanied with a hot chocolate pot for dipping I can almost guarantee your taste buds will be in heaven!

Whenever visiting another city, galleries are my go to for visually taking in the history of the city and learning something new. The ultimate and perhaps largest museum in Madrid is Museo del Prado and has many of Francisco Goyas paintings and amongst them is his later collection of works dubbed Black Paintings, that he painted onto the walls of his home where he lived in solitude and was suspected to be suffering an illness. They are a must see along with his earlier works for a strange pleasure in witnessing the artist’s life deteriorate through his work and if you want to jump into Madrid’s history then I suggest a visit to El Escorial (Northwest of the capital) and taking a tour around the Monastery, the small historical town is very quaint and traditional and a perfect spot to enjoy tapas and gazpacho! (My new favourite refreshing beverage/snack). Whilst outside of the city a trip up to the Valley of the Fallen/Valle de los Caídos is highly recommended. The impressive Basilica is the resting place of Dictator Franco, who ordered the construction of the monument which has since been a site of controversy. The location of the site is beyond beautiful, situated in Mediterranean woodland the views are breath-taking and a breath of fresh air from the busy streets in the city and if blissful views and peaceful silence is your idea of pleasure then stop off at Silla de Felipe II and take in the epic views overlooking mountains, forestry and El Escorial. The city centre isn’t short off glorious views either, I would recommend catching the sunset at Temple de Debod whilst admiring a slice of Egyptian history in Madrid!

Apart from losing my clara virginity (British equivalent to shandy) and embracing the spanish culture, I had the warm welcoming from my spanish friends family to enjoy an evening meal with them and my gosh it was heartfelt. I tasted THE BEST traditional spanish omelette amongst other dishes her family had prepared and as we sat under the stars enjoying fresh pastries I couldn’t help feeling so welcome into this families home!

Madrid was a beautiful combination of busy city streets, hipster vibes and peaceful green spaces. Which is why I would prompt anyone to consider visiting this city and embracing its culture.

Until next time- X.

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