Let the Magick flow!

Bonjour ladies,

(Men this post won’t correlate with you personally BUT if you and your lover are intimate and she’s using tampons, I’d suggest reading on… Don’t you want only the best for her sacred space?)

It’s apparent to me SO many of my friends are not aware of the holy grail invention – The moon cup! Why? Quite possibly because its not advertised heavily on TV, they aren’t stocked in many high street stores along with the common tampons or pads and bizarrely this quite amazing little invention has been seen as a taboo or extraordinary. So I’m going to break it down for you as simple as possible, tampons and pads have chemicals in them from the cotton and bleaching process and your vagina is VERY absorbent and sensitive. If your still using these products your basically polluting your yoni at your own expense. The moon cup is a healthy swap, its also environmentally friendly and cost effective! Here’s the answers to the most popular questions I get asked about my moon cup.

1) “Doesn’t it leak?”

Haven’t you leaked wearing a tampon? Accidents can happen but this is likely only going to happen if you haven’t inserted it correctly and created that seal/ suction effect. Once it’s comfortably in place then your good to go.

2) “Don’t you get blood on your hand’s?”giphy (1)

Sometimes YES but why is this made into an abnormality? Menstrual blood is a healthy sign of a women’s reproductive system that flows out of her every cycle and I don’t personally understand why it becomes an issue if your blood touches the outside of you even though your body produced it AND you can tell a lot about your health and wellness from the quality of your blood. Sarcasm aside, your more or less going to get blood on you when you first insert it at the start of your menstrual bleed and when confidently ensuring your cup has created a seal inside of you.

3) “Doesn’t blood end up everywhere when you remove it?”giphy (2)

Ok this question makes me chuckle and I still picture everyones thoughts of blood splattering up the wall whilst their sat on the loo removing the cup. No ladies it doesn’t look like a bloody massacre when you empty your cup, gently break the seal and pull the cup out then just tip the blood out (or recycle), rinse and re-insert. Bear with me on the recycling of your menstrual blood, it’s said that in the Goddess Spirituality Movement women have recycled their blood as food for houseplants, not all that crazy considering how nutrient rich blood is.

To all the goddesses EMBRACE the beauty in your bleed. I hope this post helps you to consider ditching tampons and if you have any questions that i’ve not covered you can contact me on myΒ social media links.
For any anti-menstrual attitudes this post has attracted, sighΒ I feel for your narrow mindedness.

Au revoir for now X.


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