What they don’t print on the label: sanitary products.

After the popularity of my last post (if you missed it, you can read it here) I was amazed to see the response it had from women who are awakening, taking more interest in the health of their yoni and looking for alternatives to the commercial tampons and sanitary towels. If you still need some more convincing, Im going to expand on how “your polluting your vagina at your own expense.”

Think back to the last time you was changing your tampon, notice a not so pleasant scent? Well that isn’t your blood you can smell but the tampon, not only is the tampon absorbing your blood but it’s absorbing your healthy bacteria, which then throws of your healthy PH balance and this can lead to a number of infections, such as yeast infections. Not to mention drying out your vagina so you might as well say goodbye to all those delicious juices! To top it off when you remove the tampon it leaves behind fibres that continue absorbing your good bacteria and make a perfect recipe for a breeding ground of bad bacteria.

Alternatives such as the mooncup can be picked up for less than £20 and this initial investment on a medical grade silicone cup will see you through for years! To ensure your mooncup last’s all thats required of you is:
1) Sanitising the cup before and after your period. To do so simply boil the cup for several minutes and rinse in diluted vinegar (1 part vinegar: 9 parts water) and
2) Storing in an organic and breathable cotton bag.
THATS IT! No fancy douches necessary.
Compare that £20 to how much you spend on tampons and sanitary towels. Lets say ‘Susie‘ bleeds 4 days every cycle and she use’s 3 tampons each day and a sanitary towel in the evening. Every period Susie uses 12 tampons & 4 sanitary towels and every year 144 tampons & 48 sanitary towels. I did the maths and over 5 years Susie is spending £133.60 this might not sound like a hole in your purse but this is based on a light bleed and not to mention all the times a friend or colleague is caught short and asks you for a spare tampon.

giphy (3)

Ever given much thought to where all those products end up? OK, so you flush it down the loo and it doesn’t concern you no longer right? Wrong.
Never should you flush tampons anyway as this can cause blockages and they aren’t always filtered out by the waste treatment plants so can end up in rivers and coastal waters. It doesn’t get much better for those that aren’t flushed which are then taken to landfill and over the years breakdown into microplastics which are harmful to our oceans and marine life.
Susie isn’t just polluting her vagina but also contributing to the pollution of mother earth. Be less like Susie! Not only will you benefit financially but mother earth will benefit too and your yoni will fucking thank you deeply for ditching the commercial products.
I will be following up with some information on where you can purchase a mooncup soon because unfortuantely they aren’t popularly stocked in high street stores.
Who’d have thought that these yoni-friendly, money saving, holy grails aren’t heavily advertised in comparison to the big named brands women regularly support by purchasing their products in return for something that is harmful to their health and the environment.giphy (4)

Thank you for reading and feel welcome to share this with friends and family.
As always its been my pleasure.
Au revoir X.

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