Busy ‘doing’ and not being.

Its been near to two months since my last blog post (Missed it? Read the post here) and it just so happens time has slipped by, but thats not to say I haven’t been occupied with other projects or so I’d like to think/ say to help feel a little less of a couch potato because society frowns upon idleness and laziness. You rarely hear ”I was doing nothing” in a positive, embracing and proud tone of voice.

Lately i’ve divided my time between reading, researching, learning, planning, painting, drawing and doing… yes doing IS a thing. Rather than just being in the moment. Which is one thing I look forward to whilst backpacking in South America, simply being present. So Ive been researching, planning and learning a new language for my up and coming trip, now not to say a little preparation isn’t going to be helpful, but the more information I take in the more resistance I build up and there is one reason behind this feeling of resistance and that’s fear, fear of the unknown and new(ness). So my need for safety, routine and familiarity keeps me in anticipation/preparation mode. Regardless of this my adventure begins in December and no amount of fear can hold me back from much needed change. (More on this in a later blog post)

Now your probably wondering “where is she going with this?” and well, in all honesty Im not 100% sure of my message. Recently many topics have came to mind that I want to highlight but for this post I will keep it short & sweet.

Question, are you guilty of being busy just doing?  Like many of us we are all on-the-go constantly  having a list of things to-do that we work through tirelessly and yes its a euphoric feeling when you reflect on the things you have accomplished for that day, week, month and so on… but have you considered taking time out to reflect on how your feeling in that exact moment and checking in with yourself.

So thats just it, a friendly reminder to take a deep breath, meditate, wind down and allow yourself to do so without the feeling of guilt clouding over you for not doing and instead just simply being present in the moment. (P.s. Im using the app headspace for meditation, it prompts me to take out 10 minutes through out my day and has plenty of content).

Ladies in particular this post is for you, we’re living in a mans world and feel pressured to always be on the go, busy and doing instead of listening to our bodies, checking in with how we are feeling and resting when needed. Ignorantly we silence our cycles and go against our cyclical nature, perhaps if your not committed to charting your cycle then try to check-in with yourself more often, question how your feeling and enjoy being present.

You are a human being and not just a human doing.


T’chau for now –





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