Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Note to self “Check the weather forecast” ahead of travelling to a different city. I travelled from Leon to Matagalpa by chicken bus and the closer I got to my destination the greener it began to look out the window which fed my desire for open space and a breath of fresh air from the busy streets in Leon.

However arriving in Matagalpa to miserable rainy weather drowned out my expectations of lush coffee plantations amongst mountain views with endless sunshine. Not wanting to waste experiencing a new city I set out in search of waterfalls with other travellers from my hostel, my logic in this scenario was “Im already wet” so what the heck. First up was Cascada Blanca which is reachable from the city by chicken bus in 45 minutes or so and for a small entrance fee, you can take the trail around the waterfall and behind which leads to a cave overlooking the natural beauty! 20171217_124619

Next stop was in search of a waterfall in El Tuma, however much to our attempt the waterfall was not to be found and we opted for the classic ‘Pollo, gallo pinto y salade’ in a concrete shack in an area with no tourists before heading back into the city. Although the weather wasn’t pleasant the city was interesting to stroll around and the combination of sunshine and rain brought a rainbow and vivid colours at sunset. Although i set out with great expectations that were washed out I met travellers that made Matagalpa all the worth while alongside the rich coffee.


Even though the weather isn’t appealing in Matagalpa I still would suggest other travellers to visit because the small city itself is worth strolling around and if you can brave the weather a coffee tour would go hand in hand!Also if you like cacao (If you don’t I feel for you) they have a cacao tour too, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit as it is closed on Monday and I was ready to leave for warmer and sunnier climates by Tuesday! Whilst in Matagalpa I stayed in Hostel Martinas Place, which has a great location to the bus station and the city. However the hostel itself is basic, advertising hot showers that I wouldnt even call luke warm and a kitchen that needs some TLC and after staying in very welcoming hostels I found this one to have a hostile environment, the staff kept to themselves and had no trust/ honour system in place with the guests. I find this a shame because so many other hostels have this in place and it’s what makes them feel like a home from home but I was lucky to share my stay with a great bunch of backpackers. So thats it for my 2 nights in Matagalpa and my next destination is Granada, with less expectations in mind.


Hasta Lluego,

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