Granada, Nicaragua

Granada a city close to the beautiful and tranquil Lago De Apoyo. The city is full of life particularly around Central Parque which is home to the mustard yellow church. A grand building which is located in front of the touristic main street with multiple restaurants, bars, shops and street entertainment. Usually I tend to avoid these areas but after a spontaneous salsa dance in the local Parque, I happened to pass through one evening and it was a delight to see Nico youths break dancing!

The church bell tower Iglesia La Mercad, is a must and I recommend timing your visit to watch the sun setting over the mountains it really is a stunning sight with the city skyline and volcanoes in the distance. The markets are some of the busiest I’ve been too in Nicaraguan and the main street of soda’s (Street food) and shacks leads to a covered market predominately selling fresh produce with the stalls of Bric-abrac, it’s somewhere to visit for the experience but keep in mind you will likely get lost navigating yourself around!

Reaching Granada is popular from the neighbouring city Managua and also Leon, if like me your travelling from Matagalpa you will firstly take the bus to Managua then a taxi to another bus station and finally a bus to Granada. Fellow travellers don’t repeat my mistake and take the wrong bus, I ended up in Rivas (Which is way further than Granada and had to comeback on myself – Not a fun way to spend the day!) and out of all the bus stations I’ve experienced Rivas has been my least favourite, here the local taxi drivers are notorious for lying about busses being cancelled to lure you to taking their taxi instead so keep this in mind. My accommodation was Hostel Oasis which is in a great location with free pancake breakfast (Surprise Surprise) and plenty of social areas.


Wanting some adventure? Granada is a stones throw from Lago De Apoyo (A lake in a ancient extinct volcano crater) an area that is now a nature reserve which is no surprise as the environment is lush and simply stunning. A trip can be arranged with most hostels in Granada for $12 which includes; Transport, entrance fee, use of the hostels kitchen facilities at the lake and the water sports. Another excursion is the kayaking or boat tour around Las Isletas, personally I didn’t go on this tour however the pictures my friends
shown me of their trip looked amazing and they highly recommended it!


My time in Granada was memorable and my next stop is Ometepe which is my final destination in Nicaraguabefore crossing the boarder into Costa Rica.

T’chau for now,


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