New year and new country to explore, Costa Rica.

Just before the new year came around I decided it would be best to make the journey from Ometepe island in Nicaragua to Costa Rica before the post new year rush of locals were returning home and just as I hoped my boarder crossing went quickly and smoothly, without the need to show proof of onwards travel (Although I had prepared a document just incase.) From Nicaragua I took the public bus from Rivas to the boarder, paid 1$ exit tax and 2$ entrance, my advise is to have $ in change and not big note’s. If you have left over currency from Nicaragua don’t worry because once you cross the boarder, some people with big wad’s of money are hanging around and able to exchange it for the local currency. From there I caught the public bus in the direction of Liberia.

Liberia is the city very close to the boarder but to my disappointment it’s a city with very little to do and had I of known the boarder crossing to of gone so smooth I would have carried on travelling past Liberia and straight to my following destination but thinking ahead and not wanting to put to much stress on my day in transit I’d booked two nights in Hostal Nanku which is conveniently located near to the bus station and I was determined to make the most of my time in Liberia and so I did just that, by visiting Catarata Llanos de Cortes, a magnificent waterfall! It’s stunning to view from up top along the surrounding edge and the pool below is refreshing to swim in. If you time your visit to the waterfall late afternoon then you will more than likely have the waterfall to yourself, but give yourself time to head back to the main road to catch the bus because the dirt path back is not lit and once that sun set’s it becomes very dark, very quickly. 

Although Liberia has very little to do and is more of a transportation hub, the waterfalls solely made this pit stop all the worth while. Next stop on my adventure – Peninsula De Nicoya!

T’chau for now, X.

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