Playa Samara, Costa Rica

After a day of travelling across boarders and spending 2 nights in a bare city with little to do other than visit a waterfall I was ready for sand between my toes and so I packed up and headed to Playa Samara on the Peninsula De Nicoya, Costa Rica for a few days during the new year period.

Transport from Liberia to Playa Samara is relatively simple by public bus, first stop is La Fortuna and then a second bus to Samara. As for accommodation I opted for Camp Supertramp (If your a fan of the movie ‘Into the wild’ then you will know why this place seduced me!) which is not far from the beach and is 10-15 minutes walk from the tourist strip of shops, bar’s and restaurants. The facilities could do with a spruce-up because I felt the room’s (As funky as they are) need a little TLC but for the short-time I was there I could make do with it.


My highlight from Samara was celebrating new years eve with fresh faces from around the world, sharing meals from a huge spread we all contributed to and finishing of with fireworks and celebrations on the beach. Then to top it off I started new years day very early, to be precise 05:00am to reach the view point in time to watch the sunrise and it was definitely worth the bedhead and panda eyes!


Other than laze by the ocean sipping fresh ‘Pipas frias‘ (young coconut water) finding strange washed up fish, walking the trail to a view point that starts near Camp Supertramp or getting involved in a game of volleyball on the beach there isn’t a whole lot else to do in Samara for the budget traveller and so a couple of nights stay was plentiful for me.


After soaking up some much needed sun I packed up and headed for Monteverde on new years day – This might not have been my smartest idea and you will find out what happened in my next blog post!

T’chau for now,

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