Everything happens for a reason…

If you read my recent blog post Playa Samara, Costa Rica then you will know my choice totravel to my next destination on new years day was not my smartest idea… but if i gathered together all my smartest idea’s this experience would actually come out on top!

New years morning came around and I started my day watching a beautiful sunrise then sneaked in a few extra hours kip before packing up and hitting the road for my next pit stop Santa Elena, Monteverde. Home to misty and magnificent cloud forests, only I didn’t quite make it all the way. After catching my first bus to La Fortuna and from there my second bus in the direction of Puntarenas I hopped off at the junction in the direction on Santa Elena, only to find out the only bus that runs in that direction has finished for the day and the bus I was hoping to catch which was coming from San Jose, either took a different route or it was fate not to catch the final bus.

The typical taxi driver was near-by and for a budget blowing $70 he would take me to Santa Elena and of course I kindly declined his services and tried hitch hiking the final leg of the journey which was roughly 30km and just my luck no one was heading to Santa Elena, which is an upwards winding rough dirt road. Bearing in mind the next bus was 10am the following morning the bus stop bench was beginning to look comfortable as the sun was soon to set, but my luck began to change just as Laura – a heart warming costa rican, turned up after finishing her shift in a near by restaurant and confirmed my doubts on the bus scenario – followed by a welcoming invitation to come and stay at her house for the night so I could catch the first bus the next morning! After an unusual initial hesitance I accepted her kind offer and wow, just wow… Oh how glad I am I did!

A working, studying, mother of two children gave me an everlasting memory of Costa Rica that no tour could compare to or money could purchase. She filled my tummy with yumminess, gave me a warm bed to sleep in and brought me so much joy and restored faith in humanity. In her own words ”She did it from the bottom of her heart”.

Besides from playing with her youngest Santiago A.K.A Santi, an utterly adorable toddler and seeing my largest Iguana fall prey to a german shepherd, it just goes to show everything happens for a reason and I believe all of the events that day lead to me meeting Laura. So if my readers can take anything from this blog post then it is simply this… its ‘nice to be nice’ and it certainly has a domino if not everlasting effect, so spread that love like butter!


Hasta lluego,

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