Kicking back in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Picture palm fringed beaches, the pleasant sound of waves crashing and living in Iguana and howler monkey haven and you have a perfect picture of Manuel Antonio and there is no where else I would recommend more for your accommodation than Torino Backpackers, the beach is on the doorstep and the facilities include spacious, bright and airy rooms plus a well equipped kitchen – Which is ideal for every budget traveller. The shops and entrance into Manuel Antonio national park are only a 10 minute walk away and the location of the hostel is perfect because it is away from the tourist crowd’s of umbrellas and sun loungers but if thats your thing then it’s just a walk down the beach and if you want to head to Quepos it’s a 15 minute bus ride in the opposite way and the bus stops right outside the hostel.

20180108_185007(It just so happened to be laundry day for us all too!)


This is the ideal location for any traveller wanting to re-charge and kickback for a few days, although I could easily have stayed here for more than a week. It was heaven for practising yoga (if you don’t mind sand getting EVERYWHERE), cooking and sharing meals with friends and you have the national park to go exploring. I didn’t visit the park however heard it was amazing for animal spotting! However my friend Dan (Shout out to Dan!) had his own adventure and close encounter with this reptile… which we’re not certain if it’s a crocodile or VERY large caiman. Either way don’t go exploring past the ‘Warning, do not enter’ sign’s on the beach near to the park unless you want to lose a limb or be lunch.


Prior to Manuel Antonio, I spent one night in Quepos. (Similar to the Liberia scenario, I wrote about in this blog post.) I wished I’d just carried straight onto Manuel Antonio as there isn’t a whole lot to get up to in the town and it didn’t help that I stayed in a dirty, cramped accommodation and woke up to an ant invasion in my backpack (Travellers avoid Pura Vida Hostel). As you can imagine I wasn’t a very happy bunny and especially when I realised travelling between Quepos and Manuel Antonio is only 15 minutes by bus, so my advise is to breeze through Quepos and if you need to withdraw cash then do so whilst in Quepos because this is the only ATM but by the time I reached Manuel, the stress I was holding onto from the previous night’s stay melted away instantly as I soaked up the rays whilst sipping fresh coconut water.


Although I could’ve spent a week easily in this part of the world, my next destination was calling and i was well rested and ready for adventure. Next stop Bahia Drake also known as Drakes Bay.

T’chau for now,

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