Visiting Central Americas most bio-diverse environment, Drakes Bay in Costa Rica.

Can you imagine visiting the most bio-diverse environment in Costa Rica? I was lucky to do so! Bahia Drake a.k.a Drakes Bay is on the southern coast of the Pacific side and from Manuel Antonio is numerous busses and a boat ride away (For the budget traveller) and because of the location and long travel time this area is still very much remote, reserved and a refreshing destination away from the tourist crowd’s.

20180111_165034.jpg(A small island you pass on the boat ride to Drakes Bay)

Getting to and from Drakes Bay requires a boat ride or a very long bus journey once you reach the town Sierpe. The boat journey is an adventure in itself and your likely to get splashed and most definitely a little wet if you get caught in rain. The boat leaves twice daily costing 15-20$ and once you reach Drakes Bay if you want the perfect accommodation I recommend Martinas Place for the well kept facilities, hot showers and comfortable rooms.

received_10214634795481706.jpeg(The lovely Sharn sporting a waterproof backpack cover)

Setting out before sunrise to begin exploring the national park will play in your favour if your to spot any wild animals that might be feeding on the coastline and also starting early gives you the option to walk the whole route and back (6/7 hours in total) rather than taking a boat back. The trail itself isn’t paved and picture perfect, it’s a combination of dense bush, river crossing, rickety bridges and broken path’s which is what makes it so special, rural and add’s to the sense of adventure. Bring a rain jacket, bikini and sensible shoes because the weather can be unpredictable but it’s always humid and you will want to take a refreshing dip in the ocean when you reach the final beach.

(Beautiful bridge at the beginning of the trail)

If you fancy delicious seafood whilst being surrounded by a magnificent array of bird’s then Gringo Curts is your best bet. A simple menu consisting of only 3 dishes with the option of the day’s catch and big in portion size will leave you feeling satisfied, (I recommend the spaghetti dish!) Every day in the afternoon the owner leaves food out on the platforms and so many beautiful and exotic bird’s arrive, best of all it’s totally free!

IMG-20180114-WA0001(Action shot from part of the trail, it was either booty shimmy or jump)

After spending 3 incredible days in Drakes Bay I was ready to continue my adventure, taking a very long bus journey to the Caribbean coast. Next stop Puerto Viejo!

T’chau for now,

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