Soaking up Caribbean culture in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

The final stop on my backpacking route through Costa Rica was Puerto Viejo, over on the Caribbean coast close to the boarder of Panama and reaching this laid back town from Drakes Bay needed a full day dedicated to public transport but once I arrived it felt so worth the long hour’s of travel. La Ruka Hostel was my place to call home during my stay with only basic dorm’s and facilities, it’s the owners that made this hostel welcoming and a nice place to stay.

Puerto Viejo Bus Stop.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t scream Caribbean climate whilst I was in Puerto Viejo and so lazing on the beach day’s wasn’t an option, instead I enjoyed wandering around the lazy town which is home to many two-toed and three-toed sloths which are easy to spot when you slow down!

sloth 1
My first sloth spotting!

If you enjoy quality (locally produced) coffee and relaxing in a comfortable environment either people watching, passing time or dedicating some hours to a project in peace then the perfect spot in Puerto Viejo is Caribean’s Coffee and Chocolate Shop. Not only is the coffee velvety and delicious but the pure dark chocolate which is also locally produced taste’s fucking amazing and trust me I’ve tried my fair share of organic dark chocolate but the selection here is utterly scrumptious. What else I love about this cafe is the different event’s hosted ranging from Tai Chi classes, film nights and screenings of Ted Talks! (Although the yoga class I took… well it wasn’t exactly what I call yoga to put it nicely and wouldn’t recommend it.)

sloth 2
A much drier and hungrier sloth.

I didn’t spend much time hanging around in Puerto Viejo (the weather snob in me wanted sunshine) and so I packed up and headed for the boarder crossing. Next stop Bocas Del Toro, Panama!

wall art
Wall art in Caribean Coffee and Chocolate Shop.

T’chau T’chau,

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